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"Khalid W  
If I was able to leave no stars, I would for this place. Horrible service and no professionalism what so ever. You have been warned! Beginning from the Geico Adjuster, customer service desk lady (she will send your calls straight to voicemail), and Manager Steven (recieved his fancy card with number, but he cant answer either.) Vehicle repairs are a stressful and costly service. Customer service and professionalism are imperetive when you are dealing with peoples assests but this place unfortunately does not have it.
"David B  
Great work on several occasions.
"Jorge R  
Im not sure what crew the reviews below got when they turned in their car, but my service was amazing. The lady at the counter is usually really busy so she may seem rude to some, but she's just trying to get her job done quickly and efficiently. She's super helpful! Also, the team which i dropped my car off with during a Saturday was awesome. Everyone seemed to generally care about the situation and wanted to make sure i was taken care off! The enterprise rental crew was quick and really helpful as well. All in all, my experience was great! The paint job was blended perfectly and you cant tell where the damage was! If i ever have a personal need to paint my car, not through insurance, i will definitely take my car here!
"Akash J  
Couldn't get an appointment for two weeks, horrible customer service. Go somewhere else.
"Luis F  
I have a relatively new 2014 Dodge Charger Road and Track R/T. Let me tell you... This is the worst body shop ever! I had minimal damage to my vehicle to begin with... After taking it here it is in worse shape than before!!! To start: No contact with their customers!!! Took them a week to fixing blemishes in paint, only to create even more. My bumper was put in incorrectly. The seals that house the bumper were installed UNDER the body, so now my trunk makes direct contact with the bumper. Not to mention my check engine light was on after their 4 mile test drive, when initially there was nothing wrong with how it drove. Dealership confirmed it was a cylinder 2 misfire probably from improper driving. Worst experience ever. The rental I was assigned was a downgrade to my current car. My insurance covers $40 a day... Why?!? I could go on... Do yourself a favor... Avoid this place like the plague!!!
"Jaime C  
Horrible experience right from the get go. Bad attitudes. You know why insurance companies use them,? Because its the adjusters job to find the cheapest way to fix your car and thats these guys. You get what you pay for. Oh yeah and they double the quote without insurance. hmm.
"Michelle M  
Easy to locate
"Michelle Q  
Easy to locate
"Kelcie D  
below average
I took my car there after an accident and they fixed it but while it was there the guys had left my lights on and killed the battery. I was told this when I picked it up but was told it would be okay. Later that day I was having mechanical issues and I had the tow truck come get it and it was my ECG valve they replaced the valve and sent me on my way. A few days later my car wouldn't start and I had to get it jumped to go anywhere. So they came and got it again. Replaced the battery and was told I would be fine. Then I started having problems with the ECG valve again, when they had put the "new" one in they used an old one and didn't clean it out and forgot to put a gasket on it but left it in the engine. When I took it back for a third time I was told it was not their problem and they wouldn't touch it and there was nothing they could do. I would not send my worst enemy there to get their car fixed! Don't go there!!!!
"Jay B  
Met John at the Altamonte Springs location, and got a quote to fix some gas shocks on a tailgate. The quote seemed fair and I set up an appointment to drop off the car at the Landstreet location. The told me it would be a couple of hours and I decided I would just hang out until it was done. 35 minutes later my car comes back out front and john tells me it was easier to fix than he thought. I was happy that it didn't take 2 hours, but surprised that John said he had to adjust the bill. Huh? I was quoted a price and I agreed to it. No one had to adjust anything. When they handed me the bill it was LESS than John had quoted me. Seriously?? Who does this?? Their work is top-notch, and the staff is courteous and smiling. Always asking if there is anything they can do for you, or asking if you have been helped. Hoping I do not need their services, but would not hesitate to return to them with more work, or recommend them to friends. Thanks John for everything.
"Yardeisch B  
don't go here. you can't even set up an appointment. They act like they have no time to help you. Terrible customer service. Prices are crazy hi take your business somewhere more professional. I will never call them or go back here.
"A G  
This place is a scam! You walk in and ask for a quote, they explain that they use an "outside specialist" and you will need to leave the car until he can come out and inspect the vehicle. You read that that right folks; it's a multi-bay repair facility without a single staff member that can issue you a repair quote (guess those ASE Certifications are not worth the paper they are printed on- sure make nice wall decorations though). Once they talk you into leaving your car and using their rental service, they call you about 30mins later with a ridiculous quote- in my case 5 small dents from hail damage was going to run $840 plus tax! Now let me clarify, none of my dents required a repaint; using their damage scale of 1 to 300- I had 3 dents at a 1-5 Very Light (nickel size), 1 dent at a 6-15 Light (dime size), and 1 dent at a 16-30 Moderate (nickel size). Do your research before showing up otherwise you will be taken for all you’re worth! (It should also come to no surprise that they are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau)
Yelp R  
below average
Even though I had to come back for a touch up, their service guys are so friendly and helpful. And they got me right back in. My insurance sent me here but...